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Professional Interior and Exterior Wood Staining Services

One of the specialties of our crew at Ozark Mountain Paint Company is the wood staining services we offer for businesses and homeowners. With the various shades of stains available, you can choose colors from light beige and cream to dark cherry or brown. No matter the design style or look you want to achieve, there is a stain to match. While some will appear more natural, other choices can closely resemble paint, but no matter what color you choose, they all provide the same excellent protection for wood surfaces.

Wooden fencing

What Surface Do You Need Stained?

Natural wood textures are found in various areas of the property. From exposed beams in historic buildings to outdoor dining areas on the decks of restaurants, wood is a popular choice of building material and should be cared for properly. Our expertise and stain application techniques are ideal for:

  • Exterior wood siding
  • Decks
  • Fencing
  • Interior trim
  • Interior beams
  • Entry doors
  • Exterior and interior stairs
  • And more

What Are the Benefits of Staining Wood?

Many builders and designers choose wood materials because they like the natural, historic look and warmth they bring to architecture. If you own property, you may be wondering why anyone would stain wood and potentially take away from its natural look. While stains are available in many colors and one could choose a color to significantly alter the hue of wood, there are plenty of natural color choices that preserve the look. Staining provides more benefits than just added color too. Important reasons to stain wood include:

Stain Prevents Rotting

The wood used in outdoor applications is exposed to rain and snow. Over time, moisture penetrates the wood and leads to rotting and weakening of the material.

Protection From the Sun

The sun’s bright rays can cause damage to wood as well, drying it out and slowly eating away at the surface.

Adds a Layer of Protection

Decks and stairways that see a lot of foot traffic can wear significantly without a proper top layer. In places like this, a stain is more durable and will last longer than paint.

Helps Preserve the Natural Look

One of the reasons people like wood is its natural look. Staining wood adds protection but still allows the natural wood grains to shine through.

Schedule an Estimate for Professional Wood Staining

Wood stains give siding, decks, fences, and stairs a layer of protection from moisture, sun, and heavy traffic while still retaining the qualities property owners love most about natural wood. Ozark Mountain Paint Company specializes in commercial and residential applications. Contact us today to schedule your estimate.

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